Your Life

Good advice arises from a good understanding of your circumstances, objectives and concerns.    The time you invest with us, in compiling this picture will pay dividends.

If you would like to consider matters before engaging with us, you can use one of these typical profiles and modify it to more closely reflect your own situation.


Young Single Person

Young Couple

Married Couple with Teenage Children

Married Couple with Adult Children

Your priority can be getting through college, without accumulating too much debt. You may also want to travel during college;

  • J1 working visa to the United States
  • Erasmus year
  • Cultural enrichment
  • Internship

During this time, you’ll generally have no dependents and limited source of income.
Your priorities may be;

  • Budgeting
  • Managing your grant
  • Travel
  • Cost of student accommodation
  • Paying no tax on part-time earnings
  • Building up your PRSI entitlements

Young Single Person
You may want to live life, travel, develop your career, and possibly have a family.
Your priorities might be;

  •  Travel insurance
  •  Saving for the things you really want
  •  Maybe getting your first house or apartment

Young Couple
You may want to buy your first home, put money away for a rainy day, start a family, or possibly get married.
Your priorities might be;

  •  Making sure that your loved ones continue to have the money they need if you died
  •  Saving for the things you really want, both now and in the future e.g. deposit for a house, saving for retirement.
  •  Covering the gaps for on-married couples e.g.
      •  State benefits
      •  Transfer of tax credits
      •  Inheritance taxes
      •  Employer benefits

Married Couple with Teenage Children
In addition to all your normal bills;

  • Your children are almost adults – huge grocery bills
  • Funding sports activities, social lives, mobile phones
  • Funding school exchange programs and educational trips abroad

On the horizon are;

  • College fees
  • Helping hand for children to get started in life e.g. deposit for first home
  • However, you may now have two people back in the workforce, after juggling childcare costs and arrangements while children were younger. Perhaps promotions in careers, due to build up of experience and drive to fund expanding family.   You may be trying to cover all bases, trying to constantly balance between current immediate finances, and longer term objectives.

Your priorities may be;

  • Protecting your income, so your family needs and ambitions can be fulfilled even if you can’t work through illness or injury, or if a breadwinner dies.
  • Savings to cover, or at least soften, the cost of third level education
  • Making sure you have to means to pay any medical bills
  • Ensuring that you are not paying more tax than needed i.e. claiming all relevant tax allowances.

Married Couple with Adult Children
You’ve spent two, or three decades focused on children, perhaps paid for a wedding or two, and the end of your mortgage may be in sight.
You are starting to enjoy, or possibly looking forward to enjoying some “disposable income”.
Your retirement used to be far away, but now seems to close for comfort.
Your priorities may be;

  • Safe-guarding your pension fund and investments
  • Downsizing your family home
  • Rebuilding your rainy fund